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about anniedot

I am a multi-passionate creative with a very diverse range of interests thanks to having the ADHD superpower! I am a dachshund mama, plant lady, and huge YA fantasy fan. I also enjoy drawing, knitting, and collecting Squishmallows (along with many other hobbies!). Other games I enjoy playing are Warframe, Halo, Destiny, Ori, Cozy Grove, Sims... you get the idea!When I'm not indulging in my hobbies, I'm also an entrepreneur with several hustles going on at all times, like my map commissions on Etsy! If you'd like to see what else I'm working on, click on over to my general hub site, Hey AnnieDot! :)

my islands


status: complete
theme: mountain forestcore
season: summer
inspo: blue ridge mountains

vespertine (modded)

status: complete
theme: restful watercore
season: late summer
inspo: my imagination

spice (modded)

status: complete
theme: natural small town
season: summer
inspo: my imagination


status: in progress
theme: mountaincore
season: autumn
inspo: blue ridge mountains

fir haven

status: in progress
theme: dark forestcore
season: winter
inspo: winterwood by shea ernshaw



status: complete
** theme:** mountain forestcore
** season:** summer
** inspo:** blue ridge mountains

started: october 2020
completed: august 2021
latest update: july 2022


the name

if you're familiar with YA fiction, then you'll know where I got the name for this island. I had just read (and fallen in love with) the Caraval Trilogy by Stephanie Garber the summer before I got ACNH, so it felt right to name my very first island after the series.

I grew up going to the Smokey Mountains every year with my family for a week. we would rent a cabin and spend our time finding waterfalls, driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and exploring all the small mountain towns we came across. so naturally, when I realized how much I loved terraforming in acnh, I knew I needed to pull from those memories and create a mountain town with forestcore vibes. I set it in summer so that the hydrangea would be in bloom, as they are one of my favorites.